Breed Descriptions

EBs: chocolate and red

EB: chocolate

Burmilla: brown-shaded tortie

EB: blue tortie

Contemporary lines (very round head, short, wide muzzle, big round eyes). Colors: sable, champagne, blue, and platinum. Colors usually available: sables, sometimes champagnes or blues.

European Burmese (EBs)
Created in the UK after World War II when British cat fanciers imported Burmese from the USA and outcrossed these cats mainly to the Oriental Shorthair. Result: same wonderful temperament as the Burmese but now 10 colors (red, cream, brown, chocolate, blue, lilac and torties in brown, chocolate, blue or lilac). A slightly longer cat overall with a longer head and eyes with a "hooded" look.

Created in the UK by crossing chincilla Persians with silver Abyssinians and European Burmese. They come in a variety of colors in shaded or ticked patterns.

All kittens sold as pets must be neutered or spayed and kept indoors. Kittens are released to their new homes at 12 weeks of age. We do ship but encourage prospective purchasers to visit us.

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